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designed with purpose

The specialized curvature of the LES P-LIFT implant enables surgeons to expose the least amount of anatomy necessary in order to complete their procedure. Shaped to conform to the patient’s natural anatomy, this implant features an improved footprint for superior surgical access and stability afterwards.

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Bulleted for Easy Insertion

LES P-LIFT’s bulleted tip simplifies insertion into tight disc spaces. The implant’s lateral curvature conforms to the bony access window, complimenting the anatomy of the intervertebral disc.

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Interbody Windows Aid in Bony Fusion

In addition to a large centralized graft cavity, LES P-LIFT® also contains graft windows on the walls of the interbody, designed to promote fusion. These graft windows are specially designed to promote fusion when used in conjunction with bone graft.


Aggressive Teeth

Unidirectional tooth technology provides rigid fixation to disc endplates and minimizes the risk of subsidence and expulsion. These precisely engineered teeth are positioned to reduce the risk to the surrounding tissue and nerve roots during insertion.